“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
~ Albert Einstein

At the JJTP Group, we value outside the box thinking to find innovative customized solutions tailored to your needs. Rather than looking for problems, we believe in a solutions-based approach℠ to help you meet your goals. There are no such thing as impossibilities, there are only things that have not been tried and done yet. There is no such thing as failure, only discovery of a solution that did not fit your current need. Schedule a consultation today and find out what we can build together.

Why choose JJTP


When it comes to seeking professional assistance of any kind, reliability is key. You need people who will be there when you need them, to do the job that you need done without you having to worry.


At the JJTP Group we pride ourselves on being client orientated and being there for our clients whenever they need. We ensure that we fulfil all our promises because integrity is key. We will never make a promise we cannot keep, and we promise to be earnest, straight forward, and truthful.


If a fisherman teaches a man to fish, he will spend his day fishing to sustain himself. If the fisherman trades his fishing expertise to the man, the man can free his time to create a business which he can use to provide for his whole village. At the JJTP Group, we empower our clients to reach their highest potential.

If you can make $100 in an hour running your business, would you waste 2 hours on something you could have paid someone else $50 to do? Time is the most valuable asset we have in life, and you should be spending it on your passion. Do not waste your time on online solutions and learning to do it yourself. Leave it to the professionals.

At the JJTP Group we take care of the things in our scope of expertise to empower you to do the things in yours.


It’s important to know that those you work with understand you and your work. That is what makes the JJTP Group unique. We have a wide range of competencies including STEM, negotiation and conflict resolution, social media, investigations, law, international affairs, marketing, strategic planning, communication and media relations, and so much more. The breadth of our experience and abilities is wide but we endeavor to meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be.


To quote Nelson Mandela, things always SEEM impossible, until they are done. The word impossible is not in the lexicon of the JJTP Group. Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done. Impossible only means that you have not found the right solution yet.


Why hire the same people who are living on the reputation of a bygone era. The world is changing rapidly, and you need a partner who can keep up and change with it and create right size solutions to meet your needs rather than Einstellung effect based answers. At the JJTP group we promise you those types of solutions. When you partner with us, the only limit is your imagination.

Our Core principles
Solutions based Approach

Solutions-Based Approach

This is your dream; we are only here to help facilitate it.  That said at the JJTP Group we believe in a Solutions- Based Approach.  What that means is rather than waste time on a problem and working forward to offer solutions that may not suit our client’s needs, we rather work with our client to find right sized solutions and work backward to find a way to make those dreams realities.

  • Solutions-Based Approach
  • Asymmetric thinking

    Asymmetric thinking

    Asymmetric thinking is the idea of implementing indirect and creative solutions to problems rather than the use of traditional methods. It is what others may call outside the box thinking. The goal is to provide customized solutions based on our client’s strengths and situation rather than the cookie cutter answers given by others.  Sun Tze said, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” At the JJTP Group we implement that by taking the facts presented and looking at them from a different perspective to create custom right size solutions.

  • Asymmetric thinking
  • Big Brain Thinking

    Big Brain Thinking

    At the JJTP Group we drawn on a wealth of knowledge of multiple disciplines to help partner with our clients to meet there goals.  We never stop learning and expanding our knowledge base so that we have more to draw on to help our clients.  Many have often heard the phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none” but the second line is often forgotten: “but oftentimes better than a master of one.” You will find our credentials to show we are far more than Jacks of subject matters and are more often Subject Matter Experts who can offer polymathic multidisciplinary solutions to your problems.

  • Big Brain Thinking
  • Ideation to Execution

    Ideation to Execution

    We are here to work with you through all steps of the process.  At the JJTP Group, we offer a unique blend of both business and legal advice to help you not only with the growth of your business but also avoiding any legal pitfalls you may encounter.  Aligning your strategic plan with your legal framework will create efficiencies and synergies by having all of your professional needs in sync thereby saving you money and time so you can concentrate on growing your business faster.

  • Ideation to Execution
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